Project Summary
Role UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer
Course INFO 4130: Health and Computation - Fall 2014
Project App Development (multi-platform), Mobile Health
Technologies PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Xcode, Sketch, Photoshop, Chart.js, Swift

Walking becomes a game

By using iPhone's built-in pedometer, you can earn StepSteps that can be used to purchase upgrades and earn achievements. It's a gamified fitness app that doesn't put the onus on the user to stay committed. We wanted to turn a mundane activity into a game, and in the process provide the benefit of a more active life.


Early concept of StepStep, prototyped in Sketch.

More game
than fitness

One of the largest issues with mobile fitness apps is that changing behavior requires very conscious effort, which in many cases leads to the user giving up. Mobile games, however, are great at engaging experiences, particularly idle games such as Cookie Clicker and Make it Rain. They take monotonous tasks such as mouse clicks and transform it into something extremely captivating. We decided to take this genre of game and combine it with fitness.


Design and development


After initial prototypes were created in Sketch, detailed mockups and final assets were created in Photoshop. Afterwards, using HTML, CSS and Javascript, interactions could be easily prototyped and iterated before being released as a beta.


User testing and next steps

We recruited users in a study and asked for feedback about the app. Overall, they seemed to really enjoy using the app, but we wrote down some of the feature suggestions that would be good to add/revise:


Releasing to the App Store

Once the class was over, we decided to keep testing and creating a version that could be released to the App Store. We implemented much of the feedback we received, including Help, additional stats, better feedback, and bug fixes. The app is now available in Apple's App Store.

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